Headstand Pose

Shirshasana (sher-shah-sahn-ah[needs IPA]; Sanskrit: शीर्षासन; IAST: Śīrṣāsana), Sirshasana, or Headstand is an asana.

In the Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana), the body is completely inverted, and held upright supported by the forearms, while the crown of the head rests lightly on the floor.

Sirsasana is nicknamed "king" of all the asanas. The name comes from the Sanskrit words Shirsha (शीर्ष, Śīrṣa) meaning "head", and Asana (आसन, Āsana) meaning "posture" or "seat". Dolphin pose (ardha sirsasana) can be used to build the upper body strength required for Sirsasana.

  • Strengthens the shoulders, arms, and wrists
  • Stretches the belly
  • Improves sense of balance
  • Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression
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