Irene Alda

A space to relax and come out of your comfort zone. Free your tension, increase your flexibility, become stronger and calm your mind.

Vinyasa means "breath with movement". The postures flow from one to the other, as if it were a dance. There more emphasis in the standing sequence. It is a good strength and balance workout. You will reach a high level of fitness.


Un espacio para relajarte y salir de tu zona de comfort. Libera la tensión, aumenta tu flexibilidad, fortalece tu cuerpo y calma tu mente.

Vinyasa significa "respiración coordinada con movimiento". Las posturas fluyen de unas a otras, como si de un baile se tratase al ritmo de tus inhalaciones y exhalaciones. Se hace mayor énfasis en la secuencia de pie. Es una buen entrenamiento de fuerza y equilibrio. Alcanzarás un alto nivel de fitness.

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Advanced, Basics, Beginner, Flow, Power, Vinyasa

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    Posted 9 years, 6 months ago

    She is a young but wise person. She helps me in my progress also non-phisical. She will not hide any secret that could help. Amazing smile and relational skills that makes everyone feel relaxed, no matter how different they may look like. She adapts to the students and take them deeply into account, making particular suggestion and adjustment. She is always respecfull and make the class a confortable place to practice and grow.