Bikram Yoga Of Santa Rosa

Welcome to Bikram's Yoga. This Yoga system will reshape and heal your body while it relieves stress and tension.
The Bikram Method of Hatha Yoga is a demanding series of 26 postures, done in a heated room and meant to be performed in the given order, to the best of one's ability. A principle of the class is that one can learn to steadily make new demands of oneself, to work harder, deeper, yet calmer.
Bikram Choudury scientifically designed this 90-minute program to deliver total health through the balancing and strengthening of every system in the body in order to prevent illness, injury and some of the effects of aging. Through the series you will work every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, organ and gland, while systematically moving fresh oxygenated blood throughout your entire body. (Not to mention, you'll burn a lot of fat.)
Yoga is not an enigma. It is a science, more that 5,000 years old, and is an unrivaled means of improving the body, of creating peace of mind and the absence of stress.
Men and women’s showers are now available.

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