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The ancient tradition of Yoga, which means union or harmony, is both a philosophical system and a science that offers us the opportunity to deepen our self-awareness through physical movement, breathing and meditation. The practice of Hatha yoga can lead to physical benefits such as improved cardiovascular functioning, stronger muscles and bones and increased flexibility. The benefits to the mind and soul are endless – the experience of quieting your mind and connecting with your breath leads to a deeper sense of well-being and balance. The yoga classes we offer in San Francisco are endless in their possibilities.
IO offers our community grounded yoga classes, located in San Francisco, in the Vinyasa, or flowing style of Hatha yoga, which synchronizes movement with breath. We balance this with Restorative Yoga options as a compliment to more vigorous, flowing practice. With this pairing, IO students are encouraged to sweat, enjoy and challenge themselves, as well as begin to explore their inner life on the mat, which inevitably echoes into life off the mat. Please refer to the class descriptions below to find the class that is right for you.

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