Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal


Come and enliven a soulful journey of Yoga in the meditative country of Nepal. Join the intensive Yoga certification in Nepal at Rishikul Yogshala to dive deep into the layers of yoga to become a certified Yoga Teacher and practitioner and to explore the inner potential in the snow-capped beauty of the Pokhara Valley in Nepal.

Program Description:

In the land of Lord Buddha coupled with a soul-stirring scenery, traditionalism, and solace, Nepal is the idyllic destination for immersing in yoga wisdom and self-introspection. Rishikul Yogshala’s yoga teacher training in Pokhara, Nepal is perfect in every sense for experiencing authenticity, spirituality, and beauty on this crystalline land. We offer yoga courses in Nepal for every soul: 200 Hour Yoga TTC for Beginners, 300 Hour Yoga TTC for Intermediates, and 500 Hour Yoga Certification in Nepal for the Basic-Advanced Level Yoga TTC aspirants.

Program Highlights:

• Hatha Yoga-Beginner to Advanced: Theoretical and practical Hatha yoga vidya for realizing physical, mental, and spiritual goals.
• Ashtanga Yoga- Beginner to Advanced: Authentic Ashtanga yoga practices inspired from the teachings of K. Pattabhi Jois
• Yoga Philosophy- Theoretical to Practical: Learnings of Yamas and Niyamas for a life inspired by yoga ethics and values.
• Pranayama-Beginner to Advanced: Traditional Yogic Breathing exercises for improving the quality of breath and unlocking of the Nadis.
• Meditation Classes - Beginner to Advanced: In-depth meditation classes for learning the difference between dharna & dhyana, different styles of meditation, etc.
• Yoga Anatomy - Beginner to Advanced: Teachings of Human Physiology for the right implementation of yoga and shatkriya practices.
• Adjustment & Alignment- Beginner to Advanced: An Insight into the correct steps of doing asana, safe landing and existing of the pose, modifications, and variations.
• An Introduction to Ayurveda: Learning the science of alternative healing, Ayurveda and its techniques.
• Practicum- Beginner to Advanced: Practical classes on meditation, yogic breathing, and digestive breathing.
• Teaching Methodology- Beginner to Advanced: Hands-on classes on practice, techniques, and delivery of yogic wisdom.


The town of Pokhara is the focal point for Rishikul Yogshala’s yoga courses in Nepal. Pokhara is gifted with agricultural lands and natural beauty, the treasures of which are extended to the food offered at the school. Vegetarian diet prepared in authentic Yogic style by the expert chefs is served to the students three times a day along with Vedic drinks for a wholesome nourishment of the body, mind, and soul.


A humble abode in the scintillating environment of Pokhara, Nepal awaits your presence. We welcome each student into the kingdom of Nepal’s natural beauty that is surrounded by the glorious Annapurna ranges in the backdrop. The abode offers the best of Indian culture, hospitality, and simplicity of yogic lifestyle along with all the basic amenities to make the stay at the resort a delightful experience.


Shared Room: 1700 USD

Private Room: 1900 USD

About the School:

As one of the finest yoga schools, Rishikul Yogshala has been dedicatedly spreading the science of Yoga and Ayurveda across the globe in breathtaking locations of Rishikesh, Kerala, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, and Mozambique. Delivering the yogic wisdom with utmost veracity and humbleness since its inception in 2010-- the Yoga Alliance certified school fulfills the requirements of a yogi looking forward to evolving as a skilled practitioner and teacher in a delightful manner.


Air Conditioning, Free mats, Shower, Wi-Fi

Yoga styles

Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa


One visit $ 1500.00

Shared Room: 1700 USD Private Room: 1900 USD

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