Yoga House

Although it may be hard to imagine now that yoga has become so tightly woven into the fabric of American life, there was a time not so long ago when there was no full-time, dedicated Hatha Yoga studio in Pasadena. We opened Yoga House in 1997 when we were just two very enthusiastic, amateur yoga students, excited and eager to fill that void by creating such a place, a place where we could gather the best teachers we could find in a beautiful, well-equipped space so that everyone in our community could conveniently practice yoga and enjoy its benefits.



Yoga styles

Ashtanga, For Children, Vinyasa, Yin


One visit $ 18.00

5 visits $ 80.00

10 visits $ 150.00

One month $ 160.00

6 monthes $ 725.00

One year $ 1350.00

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