Yoga High

Coined “one of the friendliest studios in the city” by The New York Times, Yoga High is a vinyasa studio on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Yoga High was founded in 2008 by two women — Mel Russo and Liz Buehler Walker. Liz and Mel had been teaching in the East Village for years, but they were both yearning to have a space where people could come not just to pop in for a great Yoga class but also a space where students and staff felt comfortable, at home and welcomed. Each student receives personal attention in every class in the form of verbal alignment reminders, hands-on assists and/or suggestions for variations in the poses. But the experience of Yoga doesn’t just happen during the class; the friendly staff, clean comfortable space and community of warm, down-to-earth teachers and students make Yoga High a place where everyone is encouraged, empowered and challenged in the true Yogic spirit. As one of our students puts it, Yoga High is your “happy place”.



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One month $ 185.00

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