House Of Jai Yoga

"Jai" is a powerful exclamation of joy used to describe incredible beauty or magnificence. It's something you might say when you reach the top of a mountain. In prayer and chanting, "Jaya" is similar to "hail". The translation is victory of the soul.
At House of Jai Yoga we provide a welcoming environment where all individuals can gather to practice and be part of a community that is nurturing and joyful. We foster spiritual awakening, emotional growth, intellectual refinement, and physical unfolding. Through this collective consciousness we choose to celebrate life and to uplift others around us through our actions.
In 2009 the mother and daughter team of Erin and Jeri Fogel went on a yoga retreat with the teaching team of Meg Carlough and Molly Lehman. On that magical trip, a family bond was formed, and a dream was born. The creation of House of Jai is the culmination of their dream, and they hope you join their ever growing family and make Jai your home.


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Yoga styles

Ashtanga, For Children, Hatha, Prenatal, Vinyasa


One visit $ 25.00

One month $ 149.00

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