Humaira Hamid

If yoga is about union, then your practice is really just about about you finding yourself.

The fun in that: there is no 'wrong' answer. (Aside from some basic safety principles & body alignment pieces, that I'm happy to help illuminate so that you can shine ever-brighter.)

My specialty: a focus on foundations, so that your solid understanding and strong confidence in the basics allows you to take off and soar. This can sometimes feel unsexy. I promise it's always worth it.

Opinion: Yoga is not: about being flexible. Or wearing a certain type of clothing. Or practicing in a certain space. Allow me to play shift-disturber & let's bring yoga back to the people. To you. Heck, I yoga in my jammies or in a traffic jam.

Let's have fun with it. Remember, it's just yoga. Serious business, without taking ourselves too seriously, yeah? Take the blue pill and let's play.

~ H

PS: I am honored & humbled to hold the space for you to work your own magic.

Disclaimer: I may be one of your biggest fans. My hope is that you are your own.

> Group classes at Karma Teachers are free or by donation.
> Privates are one-on-one at an hourly rate.

Yoga styles

Basics, Beginner, Flow, Hatha, Vinyasa

Training locations

Client's place, Home, Studio, Outdoor


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