“A healthy and functional body and a calm and focused mind can work wonders.

A week of intense practice, a broader vision of Ashtanga Yoga, Joy, sweat and study.

This is what I hope to create this week in Salento.”

Susanna is present in the class helping each student in their practice with physical or verbal adjustments, aligning postures and modifying them if necessary, emphasising the breath, encouraging, and eventually adding a new posture when the previous one is stable and comfortable, a safe way to practice . For Susanna, it is important to teach Vinyasa as an energetic and structural support for the practice, to respect the sequence without skipping the more difficult postures or the ones that put us in touch with parts of ourselves that we do not like or with our fears. It’s important to create a relationship of trust between teacher and student that supports both during the Yoga journey.

A healthy and functional body and a calm and concentrated mind can work wonders. Everyone can practise Ashtanga Yoga to have an agile and well–toned body, but it can also become a meditative practice that can lead to a profound personal transformation.


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