Transform all areas of your ashtanga yoga practice in stunning Salento during this unique family friendly ashtanga yoga retreat with Sarah Hatcher.

Join Sarah Hatcher for a full week of vibrant Italian culture and yogic liberation in stunning Salento with guided and Mysore style ashtanga yoga, pranayama, chanting and meditation. Families and children welcome!

Morning classes begin with pranayama and meditation followed by conducted or Mysore style of ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice.

Afternoon workshops will consist of specific investigation into asana, chanting and singing class and/or restorative yoga.

Families are welcome to come to the retreat. Children will enjoy Salento’s playground with a playhouse, swings and a slide; the pool, the near-by beach and endless adventures in the garden will offer a safe and delightful time for all ages.

Yoga classes will be conducted for adults only so please plan to bring a childminder with you or get in touch with Sarah if you are in need of one.

All levels are invited; no experience in ashtanga yoga is required.

“Sanka cakra asi dharinam”

During the retreat we will deepen our understanding of these allies that support us in Dharinam (concentrated yogic practice):

Sanka the divine conch – we will raise awareness of our ujjayi breath through pranayama, meditation and chanting;

Cakra the wheel – cultivating stillness in our minds and bodies while seated or while in asana; let’s map back to the origins of the practice and rediscover surprising places of joy and reflection buying time for ourselves and our highest self to come out while in practice;

Asi – the sword – use discriminative awareness to cut through any unwanted thought patterns and habits in order for transformation to take shape.


Please plan your travel plans to arrive on Saturday, anytime after midday and leave the following Saturday by 12 pm.

Daily Mornings Class: 7-9:30

Afternoon Class: M, W, Th and Friday 4-6:30 pm

Saturday Breakfast and Travel


Air Conditioning, Cafe, Free mats, Massage, Parking, Shower, Store, Toilet, Ventilation, Wi-Fi

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Ashtanga, For Children

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