Teacher Training - Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with Gregor Maehle


We are excited to announce our new European Teacher Training. This training consists of four individual week-long modules with each providing 45 hours of tuition.
You can participate in each module without completing the whole training. Students who wish to gain deeper knowledge about a particular subject rather than wanting to teach are welcome.
Each module will be taught by either Gregor or Monica, or by both of them. Each full day will comprise of 7.5 hours of tuition.
The modules are spread over a period of approximately 18 months. Future modules may or may not take place at this same venue. Due to availability of suitable venues we may not always be able to stick to the above schedule but we will do our best. Each module can only be booked on its own (i.e. you cannot book the whole training in advance) and we cannot guarantee the price of future modules due to possibly fluctuating seasonal accommodation and currency prices. We will do our best, however, to achieve comparable pricing.
When opening upcoming modules for booking and before advertising them through social media and newsletters we will first inform existing trainees that they may reserve a spot by paying the respective deposits.
In case you do miss out a module it is likely to be repeated after approximately 2 years unless there is insufficient interest or we become unable in any way to deliver the module.
We are aware that students enrolled in existing modules are concerned about missing out on spots in upcoming modules. If modules book out early we will try to create more spots by shifting modules to larger venues or by offering them more frequently.


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