An introductory course to learn how to face everyday life without stress Awareness or meaning means paying attention to the present moment.
It can also be described as a way to cultivate a longer experience in the experience of the moment, in the here and now, without thinking about how to do it in 1 hour or a month without ruminating on what has happened in the past. This is something we all have, but that we have generally exercised very little in life. In fact, we spend most of our time acting as “automatically”, prey of our thoughts: we worry about how to happen in the future or we get lost in remorse and ruminations about what happened in the past. And we are never in the present. If then we are experiencing a stressful situation, which is a disease, a chronic pain, a discomfort at work or a family problem, the situation gets worse. And to the stress itself we are adding the load of continuous negative thoughts that torment us. Awareness is useful in these situations. Not because it heals us, eliminates pain or magically solves every problem, but because it changes our way of being with pain, with that difficulty or with that specific stress. Through the “practice” of Consciousness we can increase our resilience to stress. Through this path you will learn to look at the sensations of the body, the thoughts, the unfair emotions freely from moment to moment and accepting them as they are. This is a new way of dealing with stressors that is no longer reactive and automatic, but free from conditioning, more peaceful and conscious.

Schedule / Line up

Saturday 20 April

21.00-21.30 presentation and indications
From Sunday 21 April to Friday 26 April
8.00-10.00 meditation practices
17.00-19.00 meditation practices
21.00-21.45 evening meditation and reading
Each day will revolve around a theme in which the meditation practices of awareness will alternate with theoretical moments and sharing.

Sunday, April 21st

The discovery of the senses
Monday, April 22nd

Being in space
Tuesday, April 23rd

The stress
Wednesday, April 24th

Answer, do not react
Thursday, April 25th

Friday 26 April

To sum up: the power of silence
Saturday 27 April

8.00-9.00 meditation and final greetings


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